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Event: LetExpo 2022

Event: LetExpo 2022

We are proud to announce our partecipation in the first edition of LETEXPO - Logistic Eco Transport, a brand new trade fair event about sustainable logistics, transports and intermodality.

C.E.T.A.L. Srl will attend the event from 16 March to 19 March at Veronafiere to promote sustainable logistic, meeting with major Italian and international stakeholders.

The event will be sponsored and mantained by ALIS Service and will aim to the development of a new Green logistic, in which the sector's protagonists and authorities will get the chance to meet and share their experiences.

The main purpose will be to encourage and focus public attention on the strategic importance of growth and development of sustainable logistics, an increasingly central theme in the field's world.

Please find the event map at the following link: click here
Please come to visit us at Pavilion 5 - Stand G2, we will gladly introduce our company to you and share our philosophy!
LetExpo 2022 Veronafiere managed by ALIS

SILI - New rules for the access to Monfalcone Port - 11/07/2019

Sistema SILI Trieste Port Authority

New rules have been introduced regarding the issuance of the port permission for the Monfalcone Port area, using the I-GATE portal.

In particular, the regulamentation states that:

  • The temporary port permission can be requested with the maximum duration of five days.
  • In the “Reason” field must be reported the company name of the visitor along with the motivation of the visit.

The regulamentation also provides that the temporary port permissions can be issued for a maximum of five times for each visitor; after that You will need to request the annual badge directly to the Port Authorities.

To get more information or for any question regarding the annual badge You can get in touch directly with Azienda Speciale Porto di Monfalcone: Ph. +39 0481 414097 - E-mail. info@monfalconeport.it or visit the following link: http://www.porto.monfalcone.gorizia.it/eng/permesso_acc.asp.

VGM as per regulation - July, 1st 2016

As from 1st July 2016 the shipper of containers to be loaded on sea going vessels will have to determine and communicate timely the Gross Mass (Verified Gross Mass= VGM) of each loaded container. Gross Mass means the combined mass of a container tare and the masses of all packages and cargo items including pallets, dunnage and other packing material and securing materials packed into the container..

This rule is introduced in application of an amendment to the International Convention named SOLAS (Safety of Lifes at Sea) and requires the master of a ship to abstain from loading containers which are not provided the VGM by the shipper.

The international regulation can be found in the following documents:

  • IMO Guidelines regarding the Verified Gross Mass; MSC.1/Circ1475 del 9 giugno 2015
  • IMO Advice to Administrations…MSC.1/Circ1548 del 23 maggio 2016

The regulations applicable for containers packed and sealed in Italy are the following:

  • MIT/Comando Generale CP, Decreto Dirigenziale 447/2016 dtd 5 May 2016
  • MIT/Comando Generale CP. Circolare 125/2016 dtd 31st May 2016

As far as the required shipping document to communicate the VGM is concerned we enclose:

  • Specimen of Document FIATA SIC (Shipper’s Intermodal Weight Certification) which can be used to communicate the VGM to your freight forwarder

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any clarification

Procedure for the accreditation to the SILI system

SILI System

Starting from 18 June 2014, in order to access at Monfalcone Port, beside the permit released by "Capitaneria di Porto" (Harbour Master), is necessary to provide also the permit released by "Azienda speziale per il Porto di Monfalcone". By now the system (named SILI) is enabled to release temporary permit (8 hours or 1,2,3,5 days) or annual permit; therefore we invite all the drivers/guest to inspect accurately the new regulation and the new procedure for temporary permit with SILI system in order to allow the competent authorities the correct issuing of the port access permits.

Relevant Documents:
The new regulation
The new procedure to request temporary accreditation with SILI system
Instructions how to use the authorization with SILI system


For more details please contact the Logistic Dep.:
Phone: +39 0481 40624 - Ext.1
Fax: +39 0481 795333
Email: logistica@cetal.it

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