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Services offered by CETAL

Aerial view of Port Area

The services offered by CETAL Srl could be divided in three fundamental categories:

Shipping agency services
As Shipping agency CETAL Srl offer a complete set of services such as:
  • Ships arrival and departure procedure/practice
  • Embarkment / Disembarkment assistance for seamen either Italian or foreigners
  • Embarkment / Disembarkment assistance for passengers
  • Assistance for loading on-board supplies

Logistic services and Customs assistance
Regarding logistic and customs services, CETAL Srl follows all the procedure/practice needed for the importation, exportation and transit of the goods; furthermore can provide expert advices for business in the international trade field.

Terminal services
CETAL Srl terminal has a dedicated and outfitted area for the containers management and handling of oversize loads. Terminal services include:
  • Containers stuffing and stripping
  • Containers and Roll-trailers lashing and unlashing
  • Containers and Roll-trailers loading and discharging
  • Loading and discharging assistance for special units such as oversized pieces

Movimentation of special vehicles Rolltrailer stuffed and lashed Rolltrailer stuffed and lashed Container with car stuffed and lashed Rolltrailer stuffed and lashed Rolltrailer stuffed and lashed Rolltrailer stuffed and lashed Rolltrailer stuffed and lashed Movimentation of Containers Movimentation of special vehicles Ramp for special vehicles discharge Special services - assistance for placing in water of smallboat


For more details on all services offered please contact the Logistic Dep.:
Phone: +39 0481 40624 - Ext.1
Fax: +39 0481 795333
Email: logistica@cetal.it

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